My name is Kenny Gregg and I just wanted to say how excited I am that my team is going to be handling your youtube channel.

This isn't just any youtube channel building service, however.

This service comes with complete customer service and you can reach-out to me personally anytime.  I will personally make sure we do our best to help you.

Before we get started, we need a few things from you:
We're going to email or call you in the next 48 hours to help you collect everything below but wanted to give you a chance to prepare for what we're going to be asking for.  Don't Worry if the list below seems overwhelming.  We'll help.

  • #1: Youtube Channel URL
  • #2: Adwords Account Setup
  • #3: Adding to your adwords as an admin
  • #4: Channel Name You Wish To Use
  • #5: Any Special Requirements Logos, Graphics You May need or That We Should know about.


I will will be emailing or calling you very soon and can help you get everything done.  This list above is just to help you get prepared for our call

We're excited to chat and if you need any help in the meantime, just call our office at (916) 936-1634