About Us

Welcome to KG Horizons – where we help you with proven strategies to get more customers and have a better presence in the sea of the digital world.  We want to assure that the traffic you receive converts to customers and you are getting more calls into your business. 

What Our Team Can Do For You


Websites That Convert

You need more than a website. You need a website that is designed to convert visitors into active customers. Let our lead marketing team build you a site that brings in new business.


Facebook Content/Scheduling

Power your Facebook page with custom marketing content that is branded with your logo. 2 posts a day every single day. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus more on doing what you love.


Google My Business

In Today's environment you must be able to be seen for any local business our specialty is making sure you get exposure.  The most critical is are you showing properly in google maps or even in automobiles.  We find 80% are typically not setup properly and don't even know it.

About Me:  The Man Behind KG Horizons


My name is Kenny Gregg and I'm a Digital Marketing Maverick who got into Digital Marketing because I needed a way to grow my offline computer business 20 plus years ago when traditional means of promotion started to lose their effectiveness for me.

Over the last few years, I have made it my mission to become an expert in helping brick and mortar businesses grow using Digital Marketing. I've spent countless hours learning about and testing just about every digital marketing technique under the sun.

Let me give you a 10,000 foot view of your business and marketing online.  We are experts in digital marketing, website design and funnels.  Book a FREE strategy session today!

Who We Are


KG Horizons is an Online Digital Marketing Agency,  is an end-end provider of digital marketing consulting and coaching services.  Whether you're looking for turkey managed strategy, an independent audit, consulting and recommendations and or other services needed for your business to run, scale and expand.  Services specific to a short-term campaign.  Our experience and approach are sure to prove to be an asset.  With our vast online experience, we can consult, coach, and implement with you and help you optimize your exposure online in the digital landscape.

We specialize in Consulting,  Video Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Website Design, Call Tracking, and online exposure (getting you in front of the right person). We also offer our clients Technical Services to manage their online presence.  We work hard to provide our clients the right support, coaching and services that can lead their business to the growth and success they need.

From advertising your goods or services, online digital marketing management, mobile marketing, online course, video marketing, marketing campaigns to funnels, and website management if your business needs it KG Horizons takes care of all your digital marketing brand’s needs.

The aim of KG Horizons is to a step above and beyond conventional digital marketing solutions.  Bring more customers through your doors or eyeballs seeing your websites.  Convert them into paying customers.  We focus on local medium to small businesses.

We are focused on and driven by innovation that uniquely help build a business’ progress. With the right expertise of the founder, dedication of the team, and solid aim of the company, we are the help your business needs.

Be it advertising, online reputation management, consulting on your current digital marketing strategies or simply wanting to get more customers for your business.